TwinFlame Feelings

So I vaguely touched on this earlier but to give you a proper insight on what I was talking about is 🤔 .. I’m translating the spiritual feeling into thought process would be … something like and I’m going to try to cover as many aspects of what people are accustomed to so you can understand part of a comparison..

So for a person that meditates and at the peak of their meditation becomes grounded and aligned with their chakras, they could also hear a frequencies that are not normally heard outside of this state.

For a person that practises breathing exercises and at the peak they feel a buzzing, hypersensitive to sound and so spatial perception and awareness, sensation in their body. Or someone who practises saying and vibrating the “ohmmmmmm” technique and feels peace, zen-fullness, calm, relaxed and grounded and at the peak sometimes feel an utopian euphoria and total alignment of the chakras.

For those are herbalist at the peak of their high depending on different people, state of mind and mental health, mental state, type and strain of herb will feel a buzzing sensation in the body and connection to the third eye and crown chakra and heart chakra opening can trigger ESP (extra-sensory perception).

And so for those who are Healers, Reiki Healers, to those who know and feel energy an their peak of their energy manipulation they may feel strong electric current, a gentle infinite fire burning deep within, or Holy and cleansed within the divinity of water or the oneness with oneself and everything in the world, grounded in and connecting to the universal resonance of the earth, nature and balance including the people good and bad, the animals, the ecosystem and Mother Earth herself.

Empaths are so powerful they are mostly always at their peak like a blessing and a curse and will energetically absorb and feel states of intense emotions (good and bad) trauma, so to the Empath, the more descriptive I am about my true nature is the more they will not only be able to understand me but to essentially feel a replica of what I feel.. amazing right 😉hang in there big hearted Empaths but also Keep grounded and try not to give your power away to easily.. I was also guided to mention inner childhood wounds.. Solar Plexus Chaka work 😉.

And for those that are Lucid dreamers, astral projectors and outer body experiencer, your peak is a whole realm of metaphysical esp phenomenon and supernatural mystical profound experiences which question the very fabric of the matrix of what we know to be true and real.

Right so I am left with the Lightworkers and the Humanitarian and everyone else can all agree on which is when we think about the something that we’ve always wanted and achieved getting that thing, I mean through the years of our lives not just in this present moment but when we actually get that “thing” what we been wanting what was that feeling and sensation? Can you remember?.. now pile all of them up together and experience all of them instantaneously times infinitely including everything I mentioned above as part of a “brief” description 😅 yea this is only pt1..

TwinFlames continued ♾…

When I think of you..

Thoughts with you

Shift me out of this 3rd dimensional world,

Shifts me into a different realm.. 

With extraordinary and supernatural sensory stimulations, it is just other worldly.

A different reality..

It’s not something I can experience on this physical plain of existence understanding feelings, cognitive thoughts and emotions 

And yet I am able to experience an abundance of a higher level of senses that are above and beyond what we humans know and understand to be the five or six senses.. 

And that’s why I…

Twin Flames

It’s so unusual for me to dream about someone so intensley, not once or twice but for a continual timepsan over months… so much so, that I have learnt and can describe the sensations of what those dreams feel like to me, even in this very moment of awareness… now bear in mind my descriptions goes beyond the normality of regarded human senses therefore making this dream state reality thus more interesting, but not only that…

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